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Frequent driver conditions

For our faithful clients we have prepared three special offer packages, with different prepay ammounts and savings of up to 20% compared to our regular offers
  • Frequent Driver Discount "Gold":
    20% off on all rates
  • Frequent Driver Discount "Silver":
    15% off on all rates
  • Frequent Driver Discount "Bronze":
    10% off on all rates
You may share your savings with five additional drivers of your choice, which can be added to your contract. These persons have the permission to rent cars on your account and may themselves include a second driver according to our regular contract modalities
Of course you still have all options to hire cars from our special offers and pay them off with the assets from your frequent driver account. In the case of special offers, your discount will not take effect and we will have to charge you the official price, which already has been reduced
You may use your frequent driver account to pay the car rentals and excess ammounts. Fuel, baby seats and other additional facilities will have to be payed separately. We only accept credit cards for all kinds of payments
The deposited ammount has to be used up during twelve months. The contract begins with the pick-up date of the first realized car hire. Remaining assets cannot be payed back, but can be charged to the rental of a further regular or special offer