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Full/full fuel policy

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Our car rental prices in Mallorca

Low cost car hire in Mallorca

To plan a trip, you need to be aware of many details and even more so when the destination is an island as fantastic as Mallorca. An incredible place that not only offers sun and countless beaches, that lures you to party, but is also an ideal place to discover and get to know the most beautiful corners of the island such as Pollença, the Drach Caves, Manacor or Alcudia. But what is the best way to explore Mallorca?
One of the easiest ways is to rent a cheap car in Mallorca and enjoy the freedom of moving around the island without a timetable and at your own pace. There are currently many companies offering cheap car rentals in Mallorca. However, it is important to check for those that offer the best prices and conditions for car hire in Mallorca.

Cheap car rental in Mallorca

Renting a cheap car in Mallorca is really easy and only requires an original passport or ID card, both for the main and additional drivers, as well as the original driving licence and a credit card. The person renting the car must be 21 years of age or older and have held a driving licence for at least one year.
In terms of payment, the card to be used must be a debit card if comprehensive insurance is to be taken out, as well as being the preferred payment method for fuel, a service that must be paid for in advance unless you would like to leave a deposit.
Payment is always made when you pick up the vehicle, which is why you should choose companies whose rates include the possibility of renting a car at Mallorca airport with convenient services such as the shuttle bus or free shuttle bus that goes from the rental offices to or from the airport.
Thus, you can enjoy the service from the moment you arrive on the island until you leave;without extra costs. You shouls also bear in mind that the rental days are always counted from the moment the rental contract is formalised.
It is also important to consider all the extras that we may really need and the advantages of hiring the rate and insurance that best suits your needs. Paying an excessively cheap rate does not always mean savings. Unforeseen events, lack of foresight in not taking out insurance, negligent use of the vehicle or delays in the delivery of the vehicle can make the basic rate much more expensive, saving a lot and making it really advantageous and economical to foresee unforeseen events and decide on more complete rates.

Car rental in Mallorca without excess deposit

At Hasso you will find the best car rental rates in Mallorca. We are a low-cost car hire company in Mallorca and we offer you a basic rate with excess as well as an all-inclusive rate which includes:
-Unlimited mileage
-Full Protection Cover
-Full /full fuel: i.e. the car is collected with a full tank and returned in the same condition.
-Free cancellation
-VAT included
-Shuttle Service
If you make use of our free shuttle service you can reach our offices in Hasso, located just less than 10 minutes away from the airport, and pick up and return the car there at no extra cost. Without a doubt, we offer you one of the best car rental services at Mallorca airport.
You can also choose to take out a Basic Insurance without Excess and an optional wheel and glass insurance, as well as extras such as baby seats, boosters and GPS. Everything is easy, comfortable and safe to enjoy your trip to Mallorca to the fullest!