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Full-full fuel policy

At Hasso, we know from experience that this is one of the issues that most concerns our customers. Therefore, we want to make it very easy for you. And we assure you that we provide: you will receive your rental car with a full tank and you will only have to return it as is, without paying more for it. And if you do not have time to refuel, we will charge you the amount of gasoline that is missing plus a refueling charge. If you want to accept this option, you will need to have a credit card. Do not have one in hand? No problem: you can also pick up and return the car in our offices, leaving a deposit for the amount of gasoline. We will refund you the last day, when you return the car full. Simpler? Impossible!

Free shuttle service

Time is money, and even more so when you are on holiday. That is why we strive to make the most of your stay in Majorca. So that you can pick up your rental car in the most comfortable way, we offer a shuttle service, a free and immediate bus that will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal of Palma airport. From there, you will be transferred to our offices, where we will deliver your car.

Additional driver

Majorca is a land that should be enjoyed without a hurry. From its spectacular capital, Palma, to its photogenic coves and beaches, without forgetting about its charming fishing villages, walled cities such as Alcúdia, spectacular caves such as the Drach or Artà caves... To visit them all, nothing better than getting behind the wheel of one of our rental cars. Now: if you travel with one or more companions and you want someone to replace you, so you can rest, you only have to add a additional driver in the rental contract.

Unlimited mileage

Forget about being concerned about the distance travelled: in fact, we want you to focus your attention on how much there is to see in Majorca. For this reason, the mileage is unlimited and free of charge. You will not pay a supplement regardless of the kilometres travelled during your stay on the island. How about that?

Replacement of the vehicle or roadside assistance in case of breakdown and / or accident

We work so that no setback slows down your well-deserved days of rest. Our company guarantees assistance on the road, at any point on the island, in case of breakdown or accident. Depending on the case, the car will be replaced by another one in situ, or in one of our offices.

Booking cancellation or modification

No one is safe from unforeseen events, even on holiday. This is what we understand, and we act accordingly. So that you do not have to worry about anything, you can modify or cancel the reservation of your rental car completely free of charge (except in certain non-cancellable offers).

To cancel the reservation, it is enough for you to send us an email to info@hasso-rentacar.com indicating the name and the rental reservation number. Cancellation of reservations with online payment is free up to 24 hours before the start of the reservation. The non-cancellation of the reservation will mean a fixed cost of € 60 for groups A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H; € 120 for groups L-O-P-S-T. The cancellation cost of the reservation will never be higher than the total cost of the reservation.

Age of the driver

Anyone 21 years or older can access our car rental services in Majorca. Having a valid driving license for a minimum of one year is also necessary. For special car models, the driver must be 25 years old or older.

Rental period

By rental day, we understand the 24 hours following the moment of the collection of the vehicle included in your reservation.

Credit / debit card

To contract a basic insurance, you must make a credit card payment. The deposit of the franchise will be charged on it.

However, you can also pay by debit card or cash. Simply hire all our insurance and pay for the gas in advance or leave a deposit, depending on the point of delivery and collection.

And here you have another advantage over other car rental agencies in Majorca: with HASSO, the credit card used does not necessarily have to be in the driver of the rental car’s name. The only thing we ask is that the cardholder be present at the time of payment.

All our prices include VAT and basic insurance with SBcF franchise

Traffic fines

At HASSO we recommend maximum caution when driving, in order to avoid traffic fines during your stay in Majorca. If you receive any - we hope that does not happen - remember that these are always the responsibility of the driver, who is the one who will have to pay them. As with all car rental agencies, the company will not take care of them.

(Management of fines 40€)

Hiring our HASSO CALM covers the management of fines.

Baby chair and car lifts

The installation of these extras is carried out by each driver. For this reason, HASSO cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise due to improper installation of the child seats.


Your safety comes first: to minimize the risk of breakdowns, we offer you a renewed fleet annually and make periodic checks on all our vehicles. However, if a technical problem arises, we offer you all the resources to solve it as soon as possible. Depending on the insurance you have hired, the breakdowns will be fully covered, or you will have to pay a franchise. In any case, we will not charge you extra for roadside assistance. Of course: keep in mind that the loss or breakage of keys is not included, neither the failures caused by refuelling an inadequate fuel, nor puncture roadside assistance. Our Hasso Calm covers these exceptions.

Can you travel outside Majorca?

Traveling outside Majorca with the rental car is not allowed, as the car insurance only covers this island. In any case, we are convinced that your days on the island will not be enough to explore everything that this land has to offer you.

Car Model

To fully adapt to your needs, Hasso has an extensive catalogue of vehicles, with top-class brands and of different sizes and features. However, if for reasons beyond our control we do not have the rented car model, the company reserves the right to change it, always replacing it with another similar to the one booked or a higher category for the same price.

Additional charges

  • Management of fines € 40
  • Extreme dirt condition that requires special cleaning. Maximum charge of € 250.
  • In the case of choosing the delivery service at the Airport, the parking ticket will be charged to the customer. However, there is the possibility of saving this expense using our shuttle bus.
  • The expenses derived from the negligent use of the vehicle will be determined on each occasion.
  • Refuelling charge (in case the car is not returned with a full tank)
  • If your flight lands between 11:00PM and 07:00PM you will have to pay a supplement of 50€.
  • If the return is between 11 p.m and 7 a.m you must pay a 50€ supplement if you have not booked all our included insurances.

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